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    Come and take a look at what Bella is doing. We have a new boy cat named Otis. They didn't get along too well, but things are better now.


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Floridian surviving in NYC.


My name is Kim. I live in East Harlem in NYC and work downtown in SoHo at a publishing company. I'm originally from Tampa, FL. I hope to go back to Florida to live someday. Someday soon.

Through the years I've realized that there is a need in me to create, whether it is with food, paper, fiber, needle or decor. I consider entertaining part of that need. Entertaining is something I adore planning and constructing. I have come to the conclusion that all of this qualifies me as an "artist" in my own right. Whenever I need an excuse for my taste I attribute it to "being an artist".

I am inspired by all of your blogs and I hope you find some enjoyment from this one. I don't post often, but when I do, it's from the heart. I wish I had the expertise to make my blog prettier and/or more creative looking. But it just doesn't click for me.

I have a younger brother that I still treat like a younger brother even though he is 41 and I'm 43. I have a son that is going to attend culinary school, and is working in a trendy restaurant in Manhattan. We have a 12 year old male Shih-Tzu, female 4 year old cat, a one year old male cat and a hamster. I love my son and my pets more than anything in the world.